Preventive Dental Care in Jacksonville, NC


Avoiding Dental Problems

At Martha J. O'Hara D.D.S. we stress to our patients that prevention is key in order to maintain good dental health.
We encourage patients to practice daily hygiene procedures in order to prevent tooth decay, tooth loss and other dental diseases and issues. The professionals at our dental office combine office treatments, with at home care and guidance to keep our patients healthy.
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Preventive Dentistry Strategies

Preventive oral care strategies for children and adults include a number of in-office and home care activities, including:
  • At-Home Oral Care
  • Fluoride Usage
  • Regular Dentist Visits
  • Dental Screenings and Regular Cleanings
  • X-ray
  • Mouth Gaurds and Protection
  • Orthodontics and Teeth Correction Service
  • Dental Health management
  • Dental Patient Education
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